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Where in Wales are these legends found?



Welcome to Legends of Wales Website

On this website you will find out about six legends. We hope that you will learn about the geography and history of Wales.

What is a Legend?

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What is a legend?

Have you ever heard of the word 'legend'? It was first used by the ancient Romans and meant 'things to read'.

Today people use the word 'legend' when they talk about famous people and what they do. In recent times, they may describe a legendary football player like John Charles or a 'film legend' such as Richard Burton. What they mean is the person is famous because of their skills or things they have done.

Sometimes there are close links between a 'legend' and a place, such as Italy where John Charles played some of his best football.


John Charles, 1963 Cleopatra and Richard Burton, 1954 Welsh Football Legend

Legends are made up of a mixture of facts and things which are not completely true. With legends from long ago, it is often difficult to say for certain whether these people were real because we do not have the evidence.

There are many books and films about legends linked with people such as King Arthur, Prince Madoc and Boadicea. Sometimes the people did not do what the story says or the events have been changed to make the story more interesting or convincing.


When you read about legends you can also learn much about the places where they are set. Sometimes you will know the names of features such as mountains, bays, rivers, lakes and islands.

This website will help you learn about six legends and what they tell us about the land and people of Wales. There are many other legends in Wales.

Try to find out about some in your area. Think about what they tell you about where you live.